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So what happens next is, while we’re waiting for people to sign up, we start brainstorming! To fulfill our “Street Team” duties, each person will be given a task, probably sent via email, to complete & document in the notebook & take pics or videos. Start thinking of “Street Team” tasks that each person can do. Come up with however many you can think of as we’re expecting a load of people to sign up.

Someone has also mentioned the design of the ‘notebook’. I’m assuming a front cover. All who sign up will be able to submit a design for the notebook’s front cover. All designs must be ‘family-friendly’ and must include the the guitar girl & the kg logo. Designs can be submitted via email or regular mail. When all designs have been submitted, you will be able to vote for the design you like best. I will then tally the votes and send out an email with the results. The winner will have their design on the front cover of the ‘notebook’ & maybe a pack of tim tams! hehe… MAYBE (most likely). So all those who do not have access to Tim Tams *coughs – FinnFan & Avweije – coughs*, here’s your chance to get some. LOL!

So write in and let me know your thoughts on this.

I’ll volunteer to collect and compile & post and update everyone. And of course, whatever I get, I’ll (scan and) post.


~ by kinationcrossing on December 18, 2008.

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