KC Stickam Session 3: January 17, 2009

hello to you all again…

it’s time for an update!  we held our 3rd KC Stickam session again earlier this evening.  it seems as though the message is getting across seeing as we’ve had more people show up this time around.  thank you to all those who showed up!  in this session, we discussed a couple of new ideas – hannah’s t-shirt idea and nimur’s bag+goodies for the tour.

the t-shirt idea

hannah suggested that we make a t-shirt for Kina.  the idea is to design a one of a kind shirt that has the names of those who are participating in this project.  as for the design of the shirt, here’s what we came up with.  anyone wishing to submit a design may do so, but must follow the guidelines.

designs must include:

  • the words “Kination Crossing”
  • names of all participants **email me for a list of names**
  • february 2009
  • CREATIVITY, as we’re looking for a ONE OF A KIND design


  • limit designs to 1 to 2 colors

a copy of all designs should be emailed to kination.crossing@gmail.com before or on the night of our 4th stickam session.  after all designs have been submitted, i will be posting them here where we will be able to vote for our favorite design.


nimur’s idea is to put together a bag of “stuff” for Kina for when she’s on her Teeny Tiny Tour in february.  the “stuff” that would go in the back would be things that Kina can use and/or enjoy on her tour on the east – for example; jelly beans, m&m’s, a good book, some music/movies, toe socks, disposable cameras, etc.  at the moment, nimur is gathering some information for this idea.  as soon as we get word back from nimur, i will fill you all in and let you know what’s going on.

other ideas…

during our sessions, there have been many great ideas suggested by your fellow Kina fans.  though we welcome all ideas, our goal right now is to focus on and finish this project – the KC.  all your ideas, along with the KC ideas, have been noted.  as soon as we’re done with this project, we can focus our attention on the other ideas.

sam (saamantha) has also informed us that printable resources will be available on monday.  so be checking back for that.  if you have posters, flyers, or any printable materials, send me a copy & i will post them here on the site.

i hope  you all will be able to join us again for our next KC Stickam session as we will be discussing the t-shirt designs, the bag+goodies, and the status of our scrapbook pages.  remember, all pages may be sent in via regular mail (address provided upon request) or email.  the sooner we get our pages done, the sooner it gets to Kina.


KC Stickam Session 4

January 24, 2009 at 5PM PST

Hope to see you all there.

thanks… you are all too awesome for words!

p.s. have you gone out today to spread the word about Kina’s music??  let us know and show us what you did!!!


~ by kinationcrossing on January 17, 2009.

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