KC Stickam Session 4: January 24, 2009

session number four and i think we’re moving along quite well.

last session, it was quite unfortunate that i had to leave early.  luckily enough, glenn & the others went on with the show.

what was discussed are as follows:

  • nimur’s news about the goodie bag (what kind of bag & what goes inside) – as far as the type of bag, the Grannis’ all agreed the Kina needs some sort of rolling suitcase for her merch, rather than a backpack or a carry-on*.  after finding out how much one of these bags costs and deciding what we’re going to do, we will go ahead and start getting an idea of who will donate what goodies will go in the bag.

*i had read the email wrong.  i believe we’re looking at something she can check-in.  NOT a carry-on.

  • KC T-shirt & designs – at session 3, there was talk about making a KC t-shirt for Kina.  anyone who wanted to submit a design was asked to have their design ready by session 4.  glenn & i have each come up with a design and everyone (at the session) got a chance to see them.  some of you said that you had some ideas, but not enough time to put it together.  so we’re hoping that by next week your designs will be ready & then we’ll decide which one will  be on the shirt.  as far as printing goes, drew suggested that we check out some of the sites where  you can upload your design and they will print & ship it.  again, we’re getting all the pricing info ready for next week. [designs will be posted soon – possibly tonight.  so come back and check those out.]
  • Book pages – february 10th is the day we all should have our designs submitted!!! so where is everyone with their pages??  i’ve already had 1 page emailed to me & 4 more should be making its way here via regular mail.  it will be exciting to see everyone’s page.  also, if everyone agrees, glenn came up with the idea of creating pdf versions of everyone’s page so that whoever wants to can print them & have a copy of the book for themselves.  so what do you think??  send your feedback or leave a comment below.
  • Goodies & printable stuff & flyers- i am in the process of creating a page on here where you will be able to download “Kina” stuff; wallpapers/screensavers, AIM icons, flyers, etc.  everyone is welcomed to contribute to our goodies page!  Sam has already posted some wallpapers in the forums @ KG.com.  this page will be up in  few days.

and i think that’s about it.


KC Stickam Session 5

January 31, 2009 at 5PM PST

Hope to see you all there.

one more thing!  i felt i should clear up some things here.  The KC Project is NOT a Street Team project.  It is simply a project put together by some members of the Street Team to create something special for Kina, but if you could/did promote Kina and her music by doing this project, then all the better!  after the KC project is over and done with, we can/will still put our ideas together the way we’re doing it now with this project.  after all, we are street team members (& if you’re not, then what are you waiting for?!  send an email to Kina [kina@kinagrannis.com] and let her know that you want to be on the street team).

thank you all for helping out with this project!  i appreciate all your time and effort!

see ya next weekend.

love. love. love.


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