KC Stickam Session 6: February 07, 2009

hey everyone…

i know this is late.  SORRY >_<

as our project nears it’s completion, our stickam sessions have shortened drastically – from over a 2-hour first session to our 45-minute 6th session.  but this is a great thing because it means things are getting done.

what happened at our last session??

  • t-shirt:  as  you all know, most of you voted for t-shirt design #3.  that means we will be using design #3 on the the t-shirt we will be sending to Kina.  thank you all for your votes!
  • goodies & the bag:  according to nimur, the bag should be arriving some time this week.  YAY!  for those of you who want to send goodies that will be put in the bag, send me an email & i’ll send you the SoCal address.  if you have already sent your goodies to me, don’t worry.  you’re already taken care of.  also, nimur has offered to go out and get some stuff for those of you who don’t have the time to get out there.  all you have to do is send an email to [nimur.mail@gmail.com] and make arrangements with nimur.  everything has to get to nimur before the 20th, so if you’re sending anything, consider the time it takes for mail to get there. (i think i’ve said “NIMUR” too many times)
  • paypal:  we still  have not met our goal… please, make a donation.  email for paypal [kgstsa@gmail.com].  OR email me [kination.crossing@gmail.com] to find out where to send it via regular mail.
  • can i buy a t-shirt?? – some of you inquired about buying a t-shirt with the design you all voted for.  as soon as we get all the information together, we will let you know how to go about purchasing a KC t-shirt.
  • pages – THE DEADLINE IS TOMORROW!!!!  for those of you who were thinking about sending your pages via regular mail & have not sent it out yet, be aware that your page may NOT make it into the book, but we will send it to Kina anyhow.  for those of you sending your page via email, i’d like to have them in the next few days.  keep in mind that they have to be printed then put together.  TIMES A-WASTIN’!!!  GET THOSE PAGES IN.

important info:

Nimur’s email: nimur.mail@gmail.com

Paypal email: kgstsa@gmail.com

Glenn’s email: ignito@gmail.com

KC email: kination.crossing@gmail.com


KC Stickam Session 7

SUNDAY, February 15, 2009 at 5PM PST

Hope to see you all there.

happy v-day!!

love. love. love.


~ by kinationcrossing on February 9, 2009.

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