KC Stickam Session 7: February 15, 2009

hey everyone…

i hope you all had an awesome v-day & if you watched Kina’s Valentine video, i’m sure you DID have an awesome one.

our last KC Stickam session was much like the 6th session – short & sweet!  okay, i don’t know about the sweet part, but it sure was short.  we just basically discussed the updates on everything.  now that everything is just about complete, there’s really not much else to be discussed.  and now we wait for the show on friday.  & if we’re lucky and they allow it, those of us who can’t be there MIGHT be able to see it.  so do check back a day before or on friday to see how that goes.

about the t-shirts, if still you want to purchase a t-shirt, glenn has been nice enough to do the research to hopefully get the best service with the best price.  so, be on the look out for those updates too.

oh… another thing.  if you’re going to be at the show, please email me and let me know.  it would be nice to get a little group together to present everything to Kina.  once we have figured out how everything will go, i will let you all know.  **remember to buy your tickets by thursday, feb 19th.  click here to buy your tickets. **

Date & Time for KC Stickam Session 8: TBA

[stay tuned]



~ by kinationcrossing on February 17, 2009.

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