Kina @ the Coach House + KC Stuff

hey everyone,

so the show was last night & thanks to glenn and nimur (& the people at coach house) we were able to watch Kina perform.  i must say, it was the next best thing to actually being there.  we had people on the chat clapping & cheering Kina on.  the excitement was there & it was contagious.

after the show, we got to see bits and pieces of the KC presentation.  it was awesome.  & was it me, or did i see tears?? 🙂 and then the feed dies.  what a bummer! 😦

but now it’s all over & i’m going to miss doing these things.  let’s do another one!  lol… thank you to everyone who helped.  you were all great.

  • to red, gigi, code2mind, katie – for being there in the SB when this idea was born.
  • to yohan – for the awesome idea that seemed to work out just great.
  • to glenn – for helping to keep the meetings going & for everything you’ve done & for the live feed
  • to nimur – for getting the bag & helping to organize all that fun stuff
  • to david (LTKO) – for driving our precious package down to SoCal
  • to alison, tom, shylan, sam, pearls, drew, kenny, joe, yohan, glenn, nimur, alex, cedric, adriaan, hannah, finn – your pages are all awesome!
  • to misa grannis, shir & chris – for being awesome supporters!
  • to mama g and her troop (Dr G & Emi) – for dealing with our endless emails to make sure everything ran smoothly!
  • to everyone who showed up to our meetings – for your endless support throughout our KC journey.


you are all amazing people!  this would not have been possible without all of you!

we’re back to brainstorming… yay!

check back soon for more updates – maybe videos or pics or both. *fingers crossed*


KC Stickam Session 8

SATURDAY, February 28, 2009 at 5PM PST

Hope to see you all there.

(If this should change, I’ll  be sure to update everyone.)

love love love.


~ by kinationcrossing on February 21, 2009.

2 Responses to “Kina @ the Coach House + KC Stuff”

  1. I wasn’t there, and my family hasn’t had time to fill me in yet, but I heard it was amazing and that Kina was blown away by the gifts (I was worried she’d have seen someone talking about something and know what was happening!). I wish I could have seen it. If I know my sister, there probably were tears. 🙂 I can’t wait to see the new bag (my mom said it’s gorgeous) when I see Kina in D.C. tomorrow!

  2. @Misa
    It would have been way awesome if we were all there to present her with the gifts! I had the same worries that she somehow knew, but the look on her face when Glenn said we’d been working on it for about 4 months was total shock, I think. This TTTour is going to be awesome!

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