KC Stickam Session 8: February 28, 2009

hey everyone,

our first KC project (the scrapbook) was a success.  kina loved it!  so, again, thank you to all who participated!!

during our last stickam session, a few of us met to decide where we should go from here.  this means we are back to the drawing boards.  brainstorming starts again & everyone with ideas is welcomed to join us & share it at our stickam meetings.  OR you can email your ideas to kination.crossing@gmail.com.  we’d love to hear from you.

Glenn and i are in the process of compiling and organizing a list of ideas that others have mentioned before during our past stickam sessions.  and as always, we will be letting you know how that goes and what’s going to happen next.

we talked about purchasing the Kination Crossing t-shirt.  we said that we’d let you know when that will be up and ready.  and thanks to Glenn, you can now order your t-shirt (bag, mug, hat, etc… yay!) .  go to: http://www.cafepress.com/KGST

**any profit will be used for re-investment into Street Team activities.**

also, Sam has been coordinating Stickam Sessions for the bla(h)ggers to get together & sing & play music & all that good stuff.  and if we’re lucky, Kina sometimes joins us & plays us some music & chats along.  it’s great!  so be on the look out for Sam’s announcements (usually in the SB and/or twitter).

as of now, there are no scheduled KC stickam sessions, but we will keep you updated… always!



~ by kinationcrossing on March 7, 2009.

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