album & kinerd meet-up

after nine long months of working on the album, kina is closer to the finish than ever.  just recently (read kina’s latest blog), kina chose the photo she wants to use for her album cover and has also chosen a designer for her cover.  it’s so close and it’s SUPER exciting!!!!!!

with the release of a new album, seeing as WE are kina’s people (support independent artists), it’s our turn to come in and help to promote the album.  this is why YOU chose to join the Kination Crossing.  more importantly, this is why YOU chose to join the street team. [if you have not, what are you waiting for??  JOIN NOW!]

inspired by a tweet from kina, the kinerd you all love and know as Gao, has come up with the idea of planning a kinerd meet-up around the time of the cd release for several reasons.

  1. to help promote the album
  2. to celebrate the cd release with kina + kinerds
  3. to do some street team work

after mentioning the idea to several kinerds & getting a nod of approval from kina, Gao has met (online) with a few of us to further discuss this idea.  on 05 november, fellow kinerd Alison (downunder) took charge of the project with the rest of us behind her, and drafted up an email asking all who are interested to come together to plan this kinerd meet-up.    [read the email here.] if all goes well, this kinerd meet-up will be amazing!  the things we can do as a group to promote kina is almost limitless!

so here goes another kinerd journey… join us!!!



p.s.  if you have not received emails regarding the Kinerd Meet-up, please send your email to so we can add you to the mailing list. thanks 🙂


~ by kinationcrossing on November 9, 2009.

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