major updates

so much has happened for kina and her kinerds. so i’m going to try to make a long story short and give you the outlined version of it. here goes 🙂

after we last updated you,

  • the planning for the first ever official kinerd meet-up began. KinaCon was born.
  • KinaCon 2010 happened and was a success. kinerds flew in from different states, countries, and even different continents (i know! amazing, right?!) to join us in celebrating our first kinerd meet-up, and
  • that same weekend, kina’s first full-length album, stairwells (which is no longer available. more details on that later), was released. it also made it on to the billboard charts!
  • was revealed (thank you, joey & kinerds)
  • kina toured the east coast
  • and then the midwest with imaginary friend [we love our imaginary friend, too]
  • kina played at the el rey in los angeles
  • if you get KinaMail (click here to sign up for her mailing list), an announcement was made about the re-release of stairwells.
  • and so now, here we are, anxiously awaiting the re-release of stairwells.

if you want to be kept up to date with all things Kina Grannis, visit often, follow kina on twitter, and subscribe to her on youtube.

in other news, the planning for KinaCon 2011 has begun. if you are a KGST member and are interested in joining us for the second annual KinaCon, visit for more information.

spread the kina love


~ by kinationcrossing on January 15, 2011.

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