major updates

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so much has happened for kina and her kinerds. so i’m going to try to make a long story short and give you the outlined version of it. here goes 🙂

after we last updated you,

  • the planning for the first ever official kinerd meet-up began. KinaCon was born.
  • KinaCon 2010 happened and was a success. kinerds flew in from different states, countries, and even different continents (i know! amazing, right?!) to join us in celebrating our first kinerd meet-up, and
  • that same weekend, kina’s first full-length album, stairwells (which is no longer available. more details on that later), was released. it also made it on to the billboard charts!
  • was revealed (thank you, joey & kinerds)
  • kina toured the east coast
  • and then the midwest with imaginary friend [we love our imaginary friend, too]
  • kina played at the el rey in los angeles
  • if you get KinaMail (click here to sign up for her mailing list), an announcement was made about the re-release of stairwells.
  • and so now, here we are, anxiously awaiting the re-release of stairwells.

if you want to be kept up to date with all things Kina Grannis, visit often, follow kina on twitter, and subscribe to her on youtube.

in other news, the planning for KinaCon 2011 has begun. if you are a KGST member and are interested in joining us for the second annual KinaCon, visit for more information.

spread the kina love


album & kinerd meet-up

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after nine long months of working on the album, kina is closer to the finish than ever.  just recently (read kina’s latest blog), kina chose the photo she wants to use for her album cover and has also chosen a designer for her cover.  it’s so close and it’s SUPER exciting!!!!!!

with the release of a new album, seeing as WE are kina’s people (support independent artists), it’s our turn to come in and help to promote the album.  this is why YOU chose to join the Kination Crossing.  more importantly, this is why YOU chose to join the street team. [if you have not, what are you waiting for??  JOIN NOW!]

inspired by a tweet from kina, the kinerd you all love and know as Gao, has come up with the idea of planning a kinerd meet-up around the time of the cd release for several reasons.

  1. to help promote the album
  2. to celebrate the cd release with kina + kinerds
  3. to do some street team work

after mentioning the idea to several kinerds & getting a nod of approval from kina, Gao has met (online) with a few of us to further discuss this idea.  on 05 november, fellow kinerd Alison (downunder) took charge of the project with the rest of us behind her, and drafted up an email asking all who are interested to come together to plan this kinerd meet-up.    [read the email here.] if all goes well, this kinerd meet-up will be amazing!  the things we can do as a group to promote kina is almost limitless!

so here goes another kinerd journey… join us!!!



p.s.  if you have not received emails regarding the Kinerd Meet-up, please send your email to so we can add you to the mailing list. thanks 🙂

The Official KG Street Team Site

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As most of you know, Misa  has been working very hard to get the Official KG Street Team Site up and running!!  The day has come, people!  If you’ve already signed up to be on the Street Team & you are a registered bla(h)gger, then you should be able to sign in right away.  If you have not signed up yet, *gasp* what are you waiting for?!  Sign up.  Sign in and let’s hear your thoughts and ideas!


(you know you want to)

KC Stickam Session 8: February 28, 2009

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hey everyone,

our first KC project (the scrapbook) was a success.  kina loved it!  so, again, thank you to all who participated!!

during our last stickam session, a few of us met to decide where we should go from here.  this means we are back to the drawing boards.  brainstorming starts again & everyone with ideas is welcomed to join us & share it at our stickam meetings.  OR you can email your ideas to  we’d love to hear from you.

Glenn and i are in the process of compiling and organizing a list of ideas that others have mentioned before during our past stickam sessions.  and as always, we will be letting you know how that goes and what’s going to happen next.

we talked about purchasing the Kination Crossing t-shirt.  we said that we’d let you know when that will be up and ready.  and thanks to Glenn, you can now order your t-shirt (bag, mug, hat, etc… yay!) .  go to:

**any profit will be used for re-investment into Street Team activities.**

also, Sam has been coordinating Stickam Sessions for the bla(h)ggers to get together & sing & play music & all that good stuff.  and if we’re lucky, Kina sometimes joins us & plays us some music & chats along.  it’s great!  so be on the look out for Sam’s announcements (usually in the SB and/or twitter).

as of now, there are no scheduled KC stickam sessions, but we will keep you updated… always!


KC Gift to Kina

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Thank you, KC Crew! <3

•February 24, 2009 • 7 Comments

Here’s to you…

love love love

Kina @ the Coach House + KC Stuff

•February 21, 2009 • 2 Comments

hey everyone,

so the show was last night & thanks to glenn and nimur (& the people at coach house) we were able to watch Kina perform.  i must say, it was the next best thing to actually being there.  we had people on the chat clapping & cheering Kina on.  the excitement was there & it was contagious.

after the show, we got to see bits and pieces of the KC presentation.  it was awesome.  & was it me, or did i see tears?? 🙂 and then the feed dies.  what a bummer! 😦

but now it’s all over & i’m going to miss doing these things.  let’s do another one!  lol… thank you to everyone who helped.  you were all great.

  • to red, gigi, code2mind, katie – for being there in the SB when this idea was born.
  • to yohan – for the awesome idea that seemed to work out just great.
  • to glenn – for helping to keep the meetings going & for everything you’ve done & for the live feed
  • to nimur – for getting the bag & helping to organize all that fun stuff
  • to david (LTKO) – for driving our precious package down to SoCal
  • to alison, tom, shylan, sam, pearls, drew, kenny, joe, yohan, glenn, nimur, alex, cedric, adriaan, hannah, finn – your pages are all awesome!
  • to misa grannis, shir & chris – for being awesome supporters!
  • to mama g and her troop (Dr G & Emi) – for dealing with our endless emails to make sure everything ran smoothly!
  • to everyone who showed up to our meetings – for your endless support throughout our KC journey.


you are all amazing people!  this would not have been possible without all of you!

we’re back to brainstorming… yay!

check back soon for more updates – maybe videos or pics or both. *fingers crossed*


KC Stickam Session 8

SATURDAY, February 28, 2009 at 5PM PST

Hope to see you all there.

(If this should change, I’ll  be sure to update everyone.)

love love love.