put on those thinking caps & email me your ideas!


yay for our first idea! thank you, Yohan!

Idea 1:  People are given an original song and will complete a task (or tasks) based on that song.  There are 40 original songs.   Numbers will be randomly assigned (even if it means, I have to pull names from a hat, or something like that).


Song: Stars Falling Down

Picture 1: Person longing for someone under a starry night.

Picture 2: Same two people laughing under clouds.

Picture 3: Sea of people parting with hands making hearts as the two hug/kiss.

– Submitted by [Yohan].


Idea 2:  Wrap pens with paper that has “” on it.  Leave them in places where people can take them.  Take pictures of the places you put the pens.

– Submitted by [Sam].


Idea 3:  Make CD cases with no CD inside. Instead, put a sticky note with Kina’s websites printed on it.

– Submitted by [Sam].


Idea 4:  Wrap your favorite candies with “” wrapper and pass them around.

– Submitted by [Tom].





Have an idea?? Let’s hear it!

All ideas are welcomed (keep it G-Rated, please)!


6 Responses to “Ideas”

  1. I like Yohan’s idea of the original songs. It gives us something we can share as a topic! So maybe we can organize the originals in order of YouTube posting in the notebook. Then each person(s) can put things that are personal to them that represent the song so Kina learns something about all her fans!!

    I like the song “Delicate” and can put together pictures of things that are delicate, like my sons when they were babies, and other things like spider webs, lace, etc.

  2. This seems to be the most popular srapbooking vendor at Creative Memories. It has a lot of ideas if anyone is interested. You can get 12″ x 12″ albums which can have customized designs or you could paste an 8 1/2′ x 11″ page contributed by fans as well! Hope this is helpful!!

  3. oh and please note, I am just tossing out ideas, not advocating any particular one!! I am happy to go along with anything!!

  4. @thuff743: no worries. this is exactly what i was hoping would happen.

  5. I’m ok with Yohan’s and T huff’s ideas,i would like to make some pictures to illustrate my favorite song,and my own personality as well.

  6. So the verdict was more of a #1 then?

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