KC Project I

The scrapbook was a success!


*There are many other songs that were not used in this project. If you want to, you can make your own scrapbook page (standard-sized) and send it to Kina’s PO Box. Let us know what song you chose and we’ll add your name to the list.

People are given an original song and will complete a task (or tasks) based on that song.  There are 40 original songs.   Numbers will be randomly assigned (even if it means, I have to pull names from a hat, or something like that).


Song: Stars Falling Down

  • Picture 1: Person longing for someone under a starry night.
  • Picture 2: Same two people laughing under clouds.
  • Picture 3: Sea of people parting with hands making hearts as the two hug/kiss.

– Submitted by [Yohan].


  • thuff – Another Day
  • mojojojo – Blindly
  • aldrewi – Breathe Honesty
  • CLS_LURCH – Cambridge
  • saamantha – Chasing You
  • pearls – Delicate
  • Alexpham – Don’t Cry
  • Yohan – Down and Gone
  • g3mini – Goodnight
  • caidalica – Gotta Digg
  • nimur – In Theory
  • fallenangelessence – Never Never & Teeny Bear Goes Sailing
  • FinnFan – Protect Her
  • Glenn – Some Days
  • Alison -downunder- – Too Soon
  • avweije – Try
  • shyfry24 – Walk On

if your name is not on the list, send me an email with “KC Songs” in the subject line.


How you design your page is up to you as long as you use the song you are assigned as a “theme”, so to speak, for your page.  Your page can include pictures, drawings and writing.  If want to include videos, files can be sent to me, or they can be uploaded to your YouTube account, where they will then be posted here on the KC site.  Break out the crayons, the markers, and the paint & get to it!!!


  • Your page should be no larger than 12” by 12” and should not be bulky.
  • Feel free to work on both sides of your sheet.
  • Be sure to include your song title & your name somewhere on the page.
  • Most importantly, BE CREATIVE!

3 Responses to “KC Project I”

  1. I would like to do a page!!!

  2. If this is still an ongoing project I’d like to get involved too. let me know Sher.

  3. Hey Courtney & Gregg,

    If you want to make a scrapbook page, select a song that hasn’t already been done. The songs that have already been done are listed above.
    When you do decide on a song, be sure to email kination.crossing@gmail.com with your song selection so that we can list your song.
    The scrapbook pages are 12×12 and slip into sheet-protector type pages. If I remember correctly, there are only a few sheet-protectors left in her book so you may want to send your page in it’s own sheet-protector.
    As far as sending it goes, be sure to email a digital copy/picture of your page to the KC email address. Send the actual page directly to Kina since she already has the book. All she has to do is add it to her scrapbook. For PO Box information, I can provide you with the information if you don’t already have it (can be found on Kina’s YT page).

    Thank you!!!!!!

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